Hotel Kisa

At Kisa Hotel, they wish you to become part of the family. And true to word, you’ll never feel far from home throughout your stay. Experience the rare and authentic personalized service here, and after a long day of trekking, temples and tea, Kisa is the ideal warm cozy abode to rest your weary, windswept heads.


If you’re looking for a great location, Kisa has just that. In the heart of Thimphu, Kisa enjoys the views of the eastern Himalayan range and the sparkling Wang Chhu River meandering across the valley. What’s more, based on Chang Lam Street, you’ll even get the best views of the Archery Range right from your bedroom window.

Your room

Soft warm colors and Bhutanese furnishings contribute to the informal yet inviting ambience that is Hotel Kisa. There are 35 rooms, each designed with that award wining combination of Bhutanese traditional and contemporary architecture. Of course, modern luxuries such as the flat screen TV, cable and wireless internet, means you’re never too far away from creature comforts.

Why we like it

At Hotel Kisa they wish you to find peace and hapiness, and you know what, we think it manages just that. And for a hotel that quite literally translates to ‘where peace previals’ it’s perfectly fitting for your stay in Bhutan.

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