The Blink Yurt, Sud Lipez

When you think of yurts, your mind goes to Mongolian nomads not luxury trips to Bolivia, but that is where you’re wrong. Located in the Eduardo Avaroa National Park in southwest Bolivia our expert Blink team has handpicked this exact location to construct these impressive structures. They are peaceful glamping at its finest. Without another tourist in sight and nothing but wondrous mountains as your backdrop, staying in these yurts is the exclusive travel experience you never knew you needed, but now you know you’ve got to go.


Set up in the heart of the Bolivian Altiplano in the Eduardo Avaroa National Park by our Blink team these yurts are right in the middle of the action. Just a jeep ride from the other-worldly Salar de Uyuni, Eduardo Avaroa National Park is a place of similarly unbelievable beauty. Expect to see extraordinary lakes of red, green, yellow and white, the curious stone tree and the Salvador Dali desert (so-called as its landscapes resemble the surrealist paintings of Dali). Also home to Polques hot springs and the Solar de Manaña geyser, Eduardo Avaroa National Park makes Bolivia the Iceland of the Americas.

Your room

The rooms in the yurt are decorated using Eucalyptus wood and warm brown colors to complement the remote surroundings and create a cozy atmosphere in the cold Bolivian Altiplano. Don’t worry, there is also interior heating to keep it feeling, and not just looking, warm. The decorative dream catchers and metal hanging lamps also make the yurt a snug rustic shelter that you can relax into after a long day of exploring. Each room has an attractive private bathroom that uses solar panels to recycle water, keeping it hot as well as environmentally friendly.

Why we like it

Staying in the stylish yurts inside the National Park, as well as being a once-in-a-lifetime luxury experience, importantly does not harm your incredible surroundings. Because the yurt was developed specifically for nomad communities it can be placed on the ground and then removed without leaving a trace. Ours are made of natural, organic materials and have been jazzed up to include self-sufficient water systems that collect water from the air. We want to help you experience the world’s natural beauty in a totally unique way and keep it beautiful for years to come; these luxurious yurts are the perfect solution.

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