Go gourmet in Québec

When we travel somewhere new, we’re not ones to miss out on any local delicacies that come within range of our taste buds. We know nothing gives away the secrets of a destination more than the tastes and smells of its local cuisine (and not just because we like it, of course). Having turned our wander-lusting taste buds to the beautiful region of Québec, we’ve put together a trip for all food lovers out there to uncover all of Québec’s astonishing sights, secret luxuries and delicious delicacies.

taste bud adventures

Arrive in Montréal and we’ll take you to your luxury boutique hotel, The Loft, the cutting edge hotel with a real wow-factor. In a city legendary for its festivals, visit in June and July to see the famous Jazz Festival and the month-long laughathon, Just For Laughs. Begin your tasting adventure here by sampling your way through the local markets and move on to Avenue Laurier and Rue Saint-Denis to take a seat in some of Montréal’s top restaurants. We can even help you get to know the secrets of Québécois cooking with a specially arranged cooking lesson with a top local chef and learn about the locals’ favorites like stacked smoked meat sandwiches and the infamous Poutine; french fries with cheese curds and gravy.

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make mine maple

For true indulgence, hop in your luxury hire car and drive on to Mont Tremblant. In this outrageously beautiful region, with Mont Tremblant providing a picturesque background to your amazing hotel, La Quintessence, we can add some spectacular swish to your trip with a helicopter ride above the mountain, taking in all the incredible views. Top it off with an indulgent meal at La Quintessence’s restaurant, where the menu includes gourmet treats like lobster and succulent veal.

bison burgers or caribou?

Travelling on through this region, you’ll come across some crazy Québec delicacies, so when your menu has alternative offerings like bison burgers, caribou (reindeer) and deep-fried smoked pork jowls, be sure to try out these authentic tastes of Québec – you’ll be glad you did.

Drive on to Sacacomie Lodge, our dreamy luxury retreat with stunning views over Lac Sacacomie. Take a seaplane over the lake to take in the full beauty of the water and the myriad shades of yellows, browns and reds on the forest leaves. Follow our expert guide into the forest to catch a sight of the infamous black bear in its natural habitat and back at the hotel, try some of the local treats like wild boar and venison, cooked to succulent perfection.

city fayre

Turn your attention to Québec City, stopping off on the way at Parc national de la Jacques Cartier where, surrounded by spectacular scenery, spot moose, cycle, kayak, and fish (there had to be one food related activity) before arriving at your Québec City hotel, Le Priori. The in-house restaurant is a special dining experience, especially when taken out on the exquisite garden terrace. Save plenty of room to try the mouth-watering Québec classics like deer and guinea fowl charcuterie and grilled wapiti (deer).

Spend the day exploring the Québec City sights, with a stop off at the thundering spectacle of the Montmorency Falls. Drop in at the Marché du Vieux-Port (Old Port market) for the freshest, most fragrant fruit and creamy local cheeses; the sheep’s, goats’, and blue cheeses are seriously special – try them on a traditional Québec ‘biscuit’ (bagel to you and us). The tasting extravaganza doesn’t stop there, because we’ll organize to take you to the historic l’Ile d’Orléans – known as the ‘Garden of Québec’ – where you can buy local produce like cheese, meat, jams, and fruit straight from the farmers, including the l’Ile d’Orléans locally produced specialty, Crème de Cassis blackcurrant liqueur.

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