Rugged Atlantic Beauty in the Eastern Isles

From majestic, sweeping coastlines to quaint fishing communities, Nova Scotia and neighboring Prince Edward Island offer grand views as well as small-town charm. Whether you’re trekking through rich highland, winding through boreal forests, gliding through the wakes of humpback whales or soaking up the energy of vibrant, buzzing Farmers Markets; you’ll soon fall in love with Canada’s remarkable east coast islands on this unique short break.


You’ll start your ‘New Scotland’ journey by heading over to Cape Breton Highlands National Park; one of the largest protected wilderness areas in Nova Scotia. This is natural terrain that will not fail to impress with its rugged beauty, dense forested areas, astonishing highlands and some of the rarest mammals in North America. Don’t be surprised if you bump into the increasingly-under-threat Canada lynx before you lose yourself in Acadian and Boreal forests. Rock vole and Coyotes are common too, whilst pilot whales and seals can be seen in the choppy Atlantic waters.

After exploring the wonders of the National Park you’ll pick up on the northern section of the famed Cabot trail; one of the world’s most scenic highways. You’ve spent most of the day trekking over lush highland, through deep canyons and across gorgeous forested plains, so let your personal driver do the rest here. You’ll wind your way across a trail that’s surrounded by verdant highland on one side and rugged coastline and deep blue Atlantic seas on the other.

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Cruising down to Pleasant Bay, we’ll give you a chance to get out and stretch your legs. Watch the local fishery communities milling about on the gorgeous harbor and spot jets of water in the distance as the whales of the Atlantic surface and exhale.


From one cape to another, today you’ll be embarking on a personal kayaking tour of the magnificent Cape LeHave. Strap on your lifejacket and paddle amongst this archipelago’s deserted beaches and secluded, narrow inlets. Your expert guide will lead you around the south shores and point out the local fishing settlements as well as the spectacular seabirds that will sweep overhead. Pick out a beach fit for a private picnic break in between all that paddling and, if you’re so inclined, refresh your mind and body with a yoga session on one of the most tranquil beaches you’ll ever step foot on.

After you’ve dried off you’ll be heading for a tour of the lively, vibrant and flavorsome Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market. Step foot into the longest, continually running market in North America, where buzzing crowds move from stand to stand and vendors (over 250 of them) showcase the freshest seafood, bespoke wines and ales, delicious baked goods and more. If you’re looking for a place that typifies that sea-to-table philosophy and a passion for fresh, home-grown produce, you’ve come to the right place.

The next day, swap the seafood markets of Halifax for a private sea excursion from Brier Island. You’ll be getting a lot closer to the whales you might have seen gliding through and around the ocean waters. After being transported to the Brier Island Docks you’ll be boarding the specially prepared, private charter boat that we’ve arranged for you. Head out to sea with a small crew of expert sea-hands and veteran whale-watchers and learn all about the various whales in these waters as you see them up close. Watch as these glorious animals emerge from the deep (they’re more agile than you think) and feel their natural power as your boat sways in their wake.


Prince Edward Island, known as “the land cradled on the waves” to original mi’kmaq cultures, is the hidden jewel of the east coast Canadian Islands. Life moves a little slower in the pastoral lands, rolling hills and sandy beaches of PEI. Yes, Prince Edward Island is visually stunning, ridiculously so, but it also has a palpable sense of community that is carried across the island by crisp, fresh, Atlantic winds.

You’ll be escorted to PEI National Park soon after you land for another taste of untamed wilderness. Wander amongst sandy dunes, cycle across breath-taking sea-side trails and spot unique and striking flora and fauna in this beautiful natural reserve. Your exploration of this national park will lead you to the majestic Cavendish Beach – the perfect spot to watch the sun go down and relax after a long-day of hiking. Red sandstone cliffs shelter the east end of this eight kilometer beach – traverse the sand dunes, descend to the beach and pick your spot. Take a dip in waters warmed by the Gulf Stream or feel the sand between your toes as you ramble along these increasingly secluded shores.

Preserving the leisurely pace of yesterday evening, take a stroll around the historic Charlottetown. Wander around cultural landmarks and architectural feats such as the confederation center of the arts and St. Dunstan’s basilica. Worked up an appetite? Perfect. It’s time for you to experience the nuance involved in catching and cooking all that fresh seafood you’ve been feasting on. Guided by your own personal expert, you’ll be shown the ropes shore-side as you dig for oysters and clams on the beach. Of course you’ll be shown how to cook your catch to perfection right there on the sand, so you can feast on the fruits of your labour straight away. A freshly caught seafood dinner on the beach? We can’t think of a better way to end your across-the-pond outdoor adventure.

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