Café Cultura, Quito

Set in an old family home, Café Cultura is a boutique hotel with 26 rooms including 10 beautiful suites, each with its own identity and each bringing to life a unique mix of Ecuadorian and English architecture. As a city hotel it pitches the perfect blend of rustic luxury, so you can escape the crowds and relax, while still feeling utterly spoilt.


Café Cultura is nestled 20 minutes away from the city’s historic center providing the perfect mix of sightseeing and relaxation.  With local restaurants only a five minute walk away the hotel is great for getting to know the Ecuadorian cuisine.  A local artisan market is also located just around the corner making the hotel a fantastic place to combine the glittering city lights with a more cultural experience.

Your room

Designed by a local artist, your spacious suite gives you plenty of room to settle in and very little incentive to move too far. If the gargantuan bed wasn’t enough, you also have a gorgeous bathroom, seating area and a balcony. Each suite has been given its own unique look, with traditional wooden furniture that is off-set by pops of vibrant color in traditional woven fabrics. The eclectic array of art and keepsakes you’ll find at every turn are a mesmerising symbol of the stories so much a part of Ecuador’s rich history.

Why we like it

There are lots of reasons to love Café Cultura; the handy location and enormous rooms certainly spring to mind. But another feature we haven’t yet highlighted is the private garden which is a lovely spot to while away the evening whilst getting to know the local resident hummingbirds.


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