Ocean Spray Cruise, Galapagos Islands

From Isabela, to Fernandinha, to Genovesa and back again. Picture yourself cruising around the Galapagos Islands archipelago on the Ocean Spray Mega Catamaran, your ultimate Galapagos experience and exclusive luxury lodgings. Just like Darwin once did in 1835 on HMS Beagle, cruise around this World Heritage Site on your very own voyage of discovery in all the comforts of a luxury sea cruise.


It’s hard to put an exact location on your accommodations as it’s constantly on the move, but what’s certain is that you’ll interact with an incredible and unusual array of prehistoric-looking animals and birds. From lumbering tortoises to fiery red crabs, this really is like no place on earth.

Your room

Ocean Spray has nine spacious cabins, each fully equipped with ensuite and a private balcony so you can enjoy the view over the vast ocean and islands after a day of exploring, both on and off the water. Enjoy a champagne front desk on arrival, and get comfortable in your luxury Galapagos cabin.

Why we like it

Not only is this an incredibly novel way of exploring the Galapagos, with professional and friendly crew members this is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Spend the afternoon bubbling away in the top deck Jacuzzi, and lounge on deck watching the sun go down. There are even kayaks on board, so feel free to explore the waters around you.