Island sailing in Indonesia

Intrepid Indonesia? We have the perfect trip. Forget bumpy roads and rucksacks, think sails, blue water, white beaches and indigenous tribes (should you wish). In total luxury you’ll spend nine days (or however long you like) scuba diving glassy seas and lounging on uninhabited tropical islands. Each night retreat back to a luxury wooden ship fit for royalty.

Bespoke island-hopping

Looking for a one-off experience – the envy of the next dinner party? This is it. The ultimate bespoke escape, each trip as unique as the vessel you sleep on. Sail and sleep on the beautiful Silolona, a luxury vessel with an ethnic Balinese twist. From this hand-carved wooden phinsi boat, the options are endless and easily arranged. Sail a route exclusively designed by yourself and our experts before departure. We’ll take you through ideas and routes to suit your adventure level, and coordinate everything from transfers to tribes without you lifting a finger.

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Sea planes and gourmet meals

Getting there is easy. The moment your group of ten land in Bali (or Langkawi, depending on season) you will hop over to the Silolona on a private sea plane which lands on water right beside the vessel. Arriving in style? Definitely. As your crew work the sails and whip up fresh feasts from local sources, you unwind and prepare for the adventures ahead. Indulge in gourmet picnics on hidden pristine beaches, or use the Silolona as a convenient base to experience unparalleled scuba diving in Raja Ampat.

Jungle festivals

For a truly unrivaled experience, why not hike through New Guinea jungle to meet the ‘Tree People’ – an indigenous tribe untouched by the modern world. Catch them mid-festival, praying in masks to totem poles along to the rhythm of jungle drums. After a night spent in their homes, head along a path of bamboo bridges through the dense forest back to the Silolona.

Water sports in style

Back on board, if you can tear yourself away from the crisp white cushions on the sun-drenched deck, try your hand at sea-kayaking, waterskiing, scuba diving or fishing. The ship comes equipped with enough cutting-edge watersports equipment for your entire party. More a life-enhancing journey than an average vacation, every Silolona experience is as unique as the sunsets: a different shade of pink red and orange, setting each night over remote exotic islands.

The Silolona is pure luxury, freedom and adventure. This rare South East Asian gem is our newest recipe for the perfect escape with an exhilarating edge. Catch it while you can.

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