Destination Bologna

Yes, it might be the home of Ragù (the dish we fondly refer to as Spaghetti Bolognese), but wander down the streets and you’ll also discover the oldest university in the world, countless basilicas and a medieval food market like no other. It’s time to let Bologna surprise you.


Arriving in the city, you will be transported to your classically inspired weekend pad, Grand Hotel Majestic, where you’ll find a sumptuous suite waiting for you, so take some time to unpack and freshen up before you explore the area.

Meander along the cobbled streets and explore the fifteenth century Piazza Maggiore. Its breathtaking beauty and impressive collection of buildings are sure to inspire you. Next, head towards the dominating San Petronio Basilica. With its unfinished facade and imposing size, this religious icon will entrance you – step into the cool and take in the jaw-dropping ceilings. Leaving behind Piazza Maggiore, take a short walk towards the Fountain of Neptune. With his lordly gesture and great bronze physique, Neptune stands proudly controlling the waters; not just a feat of artistic brilliance, Neptune’s sceptre also provided inspiration for Maserati’s logo. Who would have thought he’d be controlling the speedways, thousands of years later? Retire to your terrace suite and watch the sun dip below the spires and domes, cool glass of wine in hand.

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After a lazy morning, step outside and meet your personal guide. Forget Oxford and Cambridge, Bologna is home to the oldest university in the world. Founded in 1088, it’s inspired many a genius over the years and we think it’s about time you became a part of it too. What’s more, the university also boasts some of the best architecture in the city. Huge arches, marble detailing and porticos upon porticos; you’ll see for yourself why this is such an inspiring place to learn.


We couldn’t take you to Bologna without providing you with the opportunity to experience real Bolognese food and cookery. First, you’ll be taken to the Medieval Food Market where you’ll head to the characteristic ‘holes’ to pick up your fresh ingredients. The smells alone will have your mouth watering and if that isn’t enough; your guide will captivate you with foodie tales and anecdotes. Pick up mortadella, ciccioli and salsiccia passista for a truly authentic Bolognese dish. With your fresh ingredients in hand, it’s time for your private cookery class where you’ll master the art of making authentic Italian pasta.

To end your culinary escapade, we couldn’t let you leave without visiting the city’s iconic landmark, The Two Towers. Called Asinelli and Garisenda, the leaning towers are at an intersection of roads leading to the five gates of the old ring wall. From here you’ll be taken to Santo Stefano Basilica, an encompassing complex of religious edifices. Enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the basilica and reflect on your time at the European capital of food. It might just make you hungry for more.

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