Masseria Torre Coccaro, Puglia

Surrounded by the immense cultivation of olive trees and almond trees, this 16th century tower has been transformed into a five-star luxury hotel that redefines the pleasures of rural life. Located on the south east coast of Italy in Puglia, this 37 room family orientd hotel is the perfect destination for vacationers in search of family fun and warm Pugliese sociability.


Located in a picturesque little coastal town named Savelletri di Fasano around one hour away from Bari airport, Masseria Torre Coccaro exemplifies lavish European boutique hotels. Only a short bike ride away from Masseria’s Coccaro beach with one of the five main golf courses in Puglia and the Aveda spa created within the natural caves of the area, this luxury resort provides with the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation to give you the best of both worlds.

Your Room

With 37 rooms, predominantly designed with Puglian chic mode with dashes of Provencal sophistication and all surrounded by rare and beautifully furnished olive trees. We recommend staying in the extravagant Suite Aranceto where you get to sleep in a cave and then enjoy the day around your private pool in a walled orange grove. However, the suites in the tower are still magnificent providing you with wondrous views of the Adriatic.

Why we like it

It would be easier for us to tell you which activities they don’t do here than those they do. With a vast array of activities to keep the kids busy during day and a collection of themed nights in the evenings, this luxurious hotel has the ability to cater for all families and is the ideal destination for you to relax and rejuvenate admiring the turquoise sea and the warm African sunsets.