Half Moon Hotel, Jamaica

The soundtrack to a stay at the Half Moon Hotel – Keep that Ligh – 7” by The Tamlins

Inspired by the crest shaped private beach, Half Moon resort offers a Jamaican dream for every kind of adventurer. Famed for its prestigious crowd, this resort really is fit for a queen (Queen Elizabeth may we add, who has made Half Moon her palace of choice on visits to Jamaica). Boasting a plethora of facilities, one moment you’ll be on a Caribbean fairway putting the 18th hole, the next swimming with dolphins in the ocean, there is plenty to do in this luxurious Jamaican getaway.


Ever thought your luxury escape could begin before you’ve even arrived? Drop your bags in the Half Moon Airport lounge at Montego Bay airport and be greeted by your very own charming Concierge, ready to escort you to your private car. Within 15 minutes you will have arrived at your Half Moon Haven, a resort infused with the infectious relaxed and friendly Jamaican culture. Overlooking the Half moon beach, the golden sands are shaded by the bending palms and the waters fade from clear, aqua marine.

Your Room

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your abode, as each room, suite or cottage is elegantly and individually designed, meaning no two are the same.  But whatever you go you’re your room will be adorned with paintings, hand woven rugs, book shelves and, in some cases, even a grand piano. You can start to imagine why this stole the hearts of the Windsor Family (particularly Cottage 1, but we didn’t tell you that). The airy drawing rooms provide one with a very pleasant bit of shade for taking afternoon tea.

Why we like it

While the incredible suites  are an alluring feature, it is the choice of adventures on the doorstep that makes Half Moon a Black Tomato favorite. We can’t think of a better way to take in the unspoilt beauty the island has to offer than on a horseback ride trotting through the azure waters, before you wade into the waters and swim alongside these graceful creatures. We’ve swum with dolphins before, but never with horses.

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