Cinematic Jordan

If there was an Oscar for ‘Best Film Location’ then Jordan’s monumental landscapes would win hands down. It’s clocked up a staggering 27 big screen cameos, from award-winning historical drama in David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia to galactic blockbusters like Prometheus, Transformers and The Martian. So to pay tribute to its cinematic accolades we’ve crafted an 8-day trip where you can walk on Mars, go in search of the Holy Grail and get a taste of Jordan’s fascinating history and culture along the way.

Grab your family or your fellow film buffs, pack your cameras and go on location with this tour of Jordan’s most iconic on-screen moments.


Touch down in Amman, Jordan’s cosmopolitan capital, where your cinematic journey begins in a burst of color and bustling streets. Head to the Military Museum for some prop inspiration from the real-life ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, T.E. Lawrence, as you tour the Great Arab Revolt exhibits. Then it’s off to the Roman city of Jerash for your first dose of epic scenery. The impressive ruins and hillside temples of this once lost city are enough to inspire anyone to pick up a camera.

After you’ve had your fill of Jerash’s colonnaded streets, it’s time to shoot your first scene on Jordan’s Hejaz Railway. It was the site of some dramatic moments from the 1962 film Lawrence of Arabia, so we’ll take you to the see the original railway before you head back to your lux hotel to rest your head.

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Next we’ll whisk you off to the fortress of Qasr al-Azraq, the same desert oasis where Lawrence and Faisal paused to rest in David Lean’s Oscar-winning film. In this remote desert castle you’ll have plenty of time to get your all-important test shots far from any crowds.

The best filmmakers are the ones that ensure every detail in the scene is just right—and that includes the food. So after location scouting for castles we’ll be helping you get under the skin of Jordan’s cuisine with a cooking class led by expert Jordanian chefs. You’ll then sit down to indulge in your delicious Arabian feast together (all in the name of research of course).


To follow, you’re off to Jordan’s most popular film location: the red lunarscapes of Wadi Rum’s desert. Here you’ll be following in the footsteps of some of the greatest film directors and actors to your very own set on Mars. To truly immerse yourself in your cinematic visions, so you’ll be camping out in the dessert Bedouin-style and we’ll arrange a stargazing session to take you through the planets and stars as they put on a stellar show just above your head.

When you wake, it’s time to gain a new perspective on things (literally) as you soar into the sky in a hot air balloon. From now on, it’s not Wadi Rum you’re floating over—it’s the surface of the Red Planet. And your mission? Snapping those all-important and breath-taking aerial pan shots for your own Martian story.


Petra means many things to many people. But for one person, it held the Holy Grail. Filming in 1989 of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade took place in Al Khazneh, Petra’s Treasury, and became an iconic Jordan movie moment. After you’ve re-lived your favorite scenes, your stay will be the stunning Mövenpick, where you mull over the day’s edit with a well-deserved rooftop cocktail.

Lastly, it’s time to make your own mark on the filmmaking industry as you hike the Wadi Mujib Siq canyon trail towards the Dead Sea, another otherworldly location that’s bound to inspire your own blockbuster finale. Before ending your cinematic adventures in the Dead Sea’s famously rejuvenating waters; after all, even big shot directors need their rest once in a while…

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