Malta and Gozo: Beneath the Surface

Upon arriving in Malta we’ll whisk you off in a private car to your luxury suite at the Corinthia Palace Hotel, where you’ll stay for the first four nights of your trip.  This haven sits smack bang in the center of Malta but nestled amongst lush gardens and medieval fortifications it still gives you that peaceful, secluded feel.  Rejuvenate your mind and body with a meditative experience in the hotel’s restful steam gardens and enjoy a sumptuous meal at their Far Eastern themed restaurant Rickshaw.  We can’t think of a more perfect way to begin your Maltese adventure.


Just outside the window of your sprawling suite is an Island waiting to be discovered, and that’s exactly what we’ve got in store for you.  Revel in that gorgeous morning sun with a walking tour for that up-close and personal taste of Malta.  Choose from cultural city tours or scenic coastal walks allowing the sights, smells and sounds to pervade your senses.  One of our particular highlights is strolling through the Capital city of Valletta.  Visit the stunning Co-Cathedral of St. John to see some of the world’s finest baroque architecture and splendour. Another real hot-spot is the ancient town of Mdina.  This walled city has a timeless air about it and the labyrinthine streets hide a plethora of cultural and religious treasurers just waiting to be discovered.  Cars are banned for the most part from Mdina and after sun down the city glows as it is lit by old-timely lamps so you really get that sense of history.

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After your scenic tour of the city it’s time to explore those phenomenal coastlines.  You’ll glide out to sea, serene and elegant, in your own personal Luzzu, a traditional Maltese boat which bursts with color and charm.  We’ll set you up with your own scuba instructor so you can take the plunge and dive beneath the surface to uncover the mystical secrets of Malta’s oceans.  You’ll be amazed by the clarity of these temperate waters which remain clear and balmy all year round. Not only will you encounter a myriad of kaleidoscopic marine life and mysterious underwater caves but you’ll be awe-struck by the huge ship wrecks resting magnificent on the sea bed.


When you finally surface for air it’s off to Gozo where we’ll put you up in the tranquil and effortlessly luxurious hotel Kempinski.  Live like a king in your private apartment, designed with rest and relaxation in mind.  Oh, and be sure to check out their unique spa where treatments are inspired by the European cycle of seasons, drawing on the elemental wisdom of nature.  If you can drag yourself away from the spa then enjoy an invigorating body scrub or mud wrap at their in-house Hammam.  Absolute bliss.


Next we’ll arrange for you to charter a yacht to explore the dramatic coastlines and stunning rock formations that encase these paradisiacal Islands.  Have an expert guide take you around the azure waters of the Blue Lagoon and past the majestic Ta’ Cenc cliffs.  Or alternatively, tailor-make your own voyage for that one of a kind adventure.


From one idyllic setting to another, we’ll arrange a wine tasting at the Tal Massar winery for a sensory experience of those unbeatable Maltese flavors.  Beside the picturesque location and post-card views looking over the sea and hills, enjoy a glass of wine (or four) as a world class sommelier talks you though some local wines and a delectable array of Gozitan treats.  A quintessential experience to round off a magical trip.

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