The Palace Hotel

A quiet get away.  Or a dynamic city break.  Why choose just one?  At The Palace Hotel in Malta you can fill your precious time with relaxing massages and spa treatments knowing that the buzzing town center is just outside your window.  This five star luxury hotel focuses on giving its guests a sensory experience to leave you feeling enlightened, unwound or re-energised.  Your mind, body and soul will be thanking you after your visit to The Palace.


This chic hotel, located in the small town of Sliema, is surrounded by dazzling coast lines and beaches which are all conveniently within walking distance.  Being in the heart of the city the hotel also provides spectacular views over the flat limestone roofs of the traditional houses.  Be greeted by the warmth of the yellow, white and terracotta cityscape unfolding before you.  The journey to the Palace is an adventure in itself.  The short drive from the International Airport takes you along the seafront past the tranquil yacht marina in Pieta and plunges you straight into the streets themselves.


The sprawling rooms combine modern décor with an elegant, old timely touch.  They truly are the epitome of style and luxury.  On your arrival you will be greeted with champagne and canapés and if that doesn’t make you feel special enough they provide personalized aromatherapy oils tailored to fit your specific needs and lifestyle.  Fancy a bit of fun? The Palace also has themed designer rooms for that one of a kind vacation experience.  Choose from five themed suites each as outrageous and quirky as the next.  Our favorite is the Flavours sweet, which channels the retro style of the 50’s and 60’s into a unique living space complete with its own amazing bar (designed by Coca Cola).


There are too many reasons why we like this hotel, from its intriguing ideologies about relaxation to its quirky yet sophisticated décor, but it’s the facilities outside of your suite that we like the most.  Enjoy the serenity of the city at sunset from the Palace’s stunning infinity pool on the top floor and after a day’s relaxation you’ll want to have dinner at their award winning restaurant TemptAsian.  This decadent restaurant has a stylish, modern flare and a mouth-watering menu.  You’ll need that designer suite as an incentive to leave.

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