Marrakech Express

Enjoy a long weekend in this city of contrasts, where antiquity meets modernity and East meets West. Gaze out over Marrakech from your luxury riad, taking in the medina, the minarets and of course the ancient Atlas Mountains. Take an early morning hot-air balloon ride and silently drift over the planes as the sun rises in the east. Take a Moroccan cooking class, featuring pungent flavors and the famous use of sweet and savory. A trip to Marrakech is surely not complete without a tour of the medina walls and a bit of bartering in the souks.

Touch Down

Upon arrival in Marrakech you will take a private transfer to the beautiful Riad Farnatchi. You’ll have a while to settle into your luxurious surroundings and get acquainted with the views, before being whisked off into the city for a walking tour of the medina. To help you make the most of your time we will provide a local guide to navigate you through the bustling crowds and to sights less seen, down ancient cobbled streets and through the city’s squares where the call to prayer rings out. The souks are rich with the smells of street food, spices and ornaments; remember to barter with the locals for a fair price. Why not end the day on the roof terrace of Riad Farnatchi with a glass of something cool and watch the sun set over Morocco’s ‘Land of God’.

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Culinary adventure

Your first morning in Marrakech will be a culinary delight to say the very least. Head out to the markets to collect fresh ingredients for a private cookery lesson in Moroccan cuisine. Learn techniques and tips to help you make the perfect tajine amongst other local delights. Apply your new-found skills in the onsite kitchen and enjoy the spoils come lunch time. After all that slaving over a hot tajine, head to the hammam for an afternoon steam, alternatively indulge in a spa treatment or two, to soothe those work-a-day hands. Conserve your energy with a relaxing evening in the riad or hit the city for a bite to eat and a glimpse of evening life within the city walls. Jemaa el Fna, the central square plays host to a wide range of entertainers, from fire eaters to the famous snake charmers and everything in between. Beyond the entertainment there is the ever-present draw of the aromas from the myriad food stalls; nibble away all evening or take a seat and fill up.

Flying High

In order to make the very best of your last full day in Morocco wake up with the lark and head out of the city for the trip’s pièce de résistance. On arrival at the site, listen for the roar of the heaters and the glow of the flames. Your carriage – or more precisely, your basket – awaits. Spend the morning suspended by warm air above the desert and take in the endless panorama as it stretches into infinity. The beauty of a hot air balloon is that we really can’t tell you what you will see; the wind takes no instructions, so expect to have a truly unique memory to remember for a life time.

With your mind still full of the sights and sounds of the desert head back into the city for one more evening spent in the opulent surrounds of Riad Farnatchi. The following morning a private transfer will be waiting to take you to Menara International Airport, where your North African odyssey comes to an end.

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