Vamizi Island Lodges

The ultimate paradise, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more beautiful, more secluded island than Vamizi. There are just seven timber lodges on this little island, each commanding its own stretch of pristine beach. A chic castaway escape, you can get away from the buzzes of your phone and ipad and relax in the gentle ocean breeze with your toes in the sand. You won’t want to leave this superb tropical island.


The adventure begins with the journey to the island. Almost completely isolated from civilisation Vamizi is not as difficult to reach as you’d expect. You’ll spot whales and dolphins as you take a private flight to the island, connecting from South Africa, Mozambique or Tanzania, right over the glistening Indian Ocean. Once you’ve landed on the island you’ll be met by a 4×4 for a slightly bumpy, but exhilarating, journey to your personal lodge.

You can take to the ocean and paddle through mangroves in a kayak, partake in a little snorkelling or for the more adventurous, there are professional fisherfolk on hand to take you deep sea fishing. Not forgetting that this is considered one of the best diving locations in the world, there are also PADI diving instructors on hand to show you the ropes. For those without sea-legs, we suggest an amble along the endless sugar-white beaches and then enter the tropical bush where you’ll spot monkeys and fantastically colored birds. Really unwind from a day exploring and take advantage of the natural powers of this tropical island. The lodge’s health and wellness professionals are always around to provide rejuvenating treatments which use minerals from the island’s rocks, seaweed masks and sea salt scrubs.

Your room

You’ll have your own timber, ocean front lodge to flop down in. It’s castaway chic, so there are plenty of soft furnishings for you to recline on and a marble shower room and vanity area for you to perfect your beach-look in. The lodges are wonderfully free of modern trappings, no TV or internet, so you can really enjoy the natural surroundings and fully rejuvenate. Head to the main lodge to eat and take your pick from a divine selection of freshly caught seafood and other tropical dishes or take a shipwrecked picnic on a deserted beach. For a truly romantic evening, private dinners can be organized in your lodge or at the water’s edge under the stars.

Why we like it

We simply couldn’t wish for a more romantic and serene location, but above all Vamizi is a conservation project. Working with the WWF and closely with local people, the island combines tourism, conservation and community development to ensure the longevity of this heavenly wonderland.

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