Upstream in the Amazon

This trip will not only give you the opportunity to kayak down the rivers of the Amazon on a unique and challenging expedition, but an amazing experience along isolated and iconic Amazon tributaries, surrounded only by the sound of your paddle and the ever-present Peruvian wildlife. You’ll also learn the skills to camp out in the wild, on river beaches and amongst some pristine Amazon jungle.

Get deep into the heart of the Amazon rainforest on this adventure that will see you paddling along isolated creeks, trekking through the dense jungle and camping amongst the trees. First-up, you’ll arrive early in Peru’s capital, Lima, before swiftly embarking on a transfer to Yurimagus, via Tarapoto. Here, you’ll stay in a local hotel for the night and get prepared for your adventure in the morning. Head out from your hotel to River Huallaga, a tributary of the mighty Amazon, to get your gear together and become acquainted with your kayak, your main mode of transportation for the next few days. From here on, your itinerary is relatively simple, but jam-packed full of adventure.

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Once you’ve dipped into the water, begin kayaking towards the Pacaya Samiria Reserve, where you’ll spend the majority of your trip. This 8,000 square mile park has unbelievable biodiversity; chock-full of wildlife from spider monkeys to giant river otters and everything in-between, the Peruvian animals and insects will never be far away. Being in the middle of the Amazon, your rainforest accommodations will be a mixing pot of wild camping on river beaches and local huts, but also a smattering of comfortable lodges along the route. And don’t worry, even though you’ll be quite literally in the thick of it, we ensure that your camps will be well set up with your comfort in mind when you arrive after a long day’s kayaking. Along the way, you’ll have the chance to take a break from the kayaking, give your arms a rest and stop off for a day or two and trek through the Reserve. This is also a great opportunity to see the forest in a different light, as you carve your way along trails and off the track. Once you’ve completed your journey down the Amazon River, you’ll end your trip in Nauta, where you’ll stay the night before driving to Iquitos, then Lima and finally home.

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