It was the seemingly imposing landscapes of the Caucasus that first drew us in to discover the oft-forgotten beauty of a luxury vacation in Georgia. But it’s what we found within them that kept us coming back for more. The history, culture and cuisine are all so incredibly rich, yet remain staggeringly unknown. Then there are the people with the warmest welcome you could ever hope to receive.


Nowadays, it’s not often that you stumble across a destination that many have yet to explore; but just one step into Lithuania and we were hooked. Brimming with natural beauty, it’s a country that also lays claim to a colorful history that lends itself to a vibrant cultural and rebellious spirit. A place to skip the crowds and get ahead of the curve, a tailormade vacation in Lithuania is not to be missed.


Sprawled across eleven time zones, there’s little Russia can’t offer in a luxury vacation. Jewel-box cities run into barren wilderness and unforgiving tundra to reveal a realm of adventures waiting to be had. This is a place where you can both step back in time and peer into the future as you uncover the secrets of the Russian Empire in Moscow before retreating to the imperial splendour of St. Petersburg. Home to our eponymous black tomato and so much more, this is a destination that leaves an indelible mark.

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