Leopard Safaris, Yala

Welcome to Leopard land. For a wild and magical experience, the aptly named Leopard Safaris offers the perfect base for a safari adventure. Delve into the heart of the Sri Lankan wilderness in search of this magnificent spotted cat and spend your evenings camping under the stars at this extraordinary eco camp.


As well as a colorful checklist of birds and tropical plant life, Sri Lanka’s Yala National Park boasts the highest density of leopards than anywhere else in the world. Spread across the isolated south east coast of the country, the park is 500 square miles of vast savannahs, rocky outcrops and scrub forests just itching to be explored. Bordering the protected forests of the Yala National Park, the Leopard Safari camp makes the most of this stunning natural setting with nothing but the stars and the wild for miles in each direction.

Your room

To completely immerse yourself in the call of the wild, Leopard Safaris provide stylish South African tents for you to call home. Although you’re deep in the Sri Lankan bush, each of these private tents are customized to provide the utmost luxury. Expect queen size beds, glorious hot showers and other modern comforts. Chill out areas dot the camp where beanbags and hammocks provide the perfect spot to watch the monkeys swing through the trees (regular camp visitors we’re told). Only set up the day before you arrive and lit by solar power from the warm Sri Lankan sun, you can relax with the added bonus of knowing that your presence is having almost zero impact on the beautiful surroundings.

Why we like it

More than just a place to rest you head, with Leopard Safaris adventure and magic lie all around you. From the moment you wake up to the sound of tropical birdsong until the sun sinks into the canopy and the sky becomes littered with stars, every second of your stay you will be greeted with unforgettable memories and experiences. Spend your days tracking wildlife on your jeeps, and return to a roaring campfire and an al fresco dinner, stargazing under the Sri Lankan sky—this is one safari you will cherish forever.

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