Essque Zalu Hotel

You need a break don’t you? We thought so. Well, have no fear because we have come up with the perfect solution. It comes in the form of Zanzibar; yes paradise really does exist. Just off the shores of Tanzania, the island is ideal for some down time after a busy African adventure or if you want that picture perfect beach combined with a luxurious boutique hotel. Essque Zalu epitomises just that, with its impeccable service reaching from your personal cocktail maker to a full service spa, it is the perfect place to unwind and do exactly as you please.


In search of a beachfront villa complete with soft African sands and an unobstructed open view of the Indian Ocean? Well here’s a not-so-subtle hint: head to the northern tip of Tanzania’s tropical island outpost, Zanzibar, and check yourself in at Essque.

Your room

From your first steps through the hotel’s immense airy lobby (check out the size of the roof, yes, it was weaved by hand), the exclusive escape of Essque offers the type of beach break we will never tire of; in short it’s a beautiful blissed-out African beach abode. Opt for the blow-out three-bed seafront villa overlooking the tranquil turquoise water – it comes complete with its own plunge pool-cum-Jacuzzi and private massage room, for those of us who prefer our R&R in a more secluded setting.

Why we like it

If making your friends green with envy isn’t reason enough to visit this idyllic island, then what about the thought of relaxing by the pool and having your own personal cocktail brought to you? Followed by coming face to face with turtles in amongst some of the world’s most vibrant coral reefs, a trip to the spa or a private dinner on the beach. If all this relaxing starts to take its toll though, don’t worry. Stone Town has plenty of hustle and bustle with an exquisite spice market, Arabic back alleys to explore and the night food market is something you do not want to miss. With fresh seafood in abundance, you won’t have experienced anything quite like it. Zanzibar is the place where you can escape from it all, immerse in a little culture but not sacrifice all those luxury touches you desire and deserve.

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