Aleenta resort and spa

Now, we’re well aware of Thailand’s reputation for unparalleled coastline, but then again so’s everyone. The Aleenta’s a little bit special though. Away from the bawdy bars and boozy nights of Phuket’s popular resorts, this beach-side boutique is a glimpse of what vacations here should be all about. Pristine sand, perfect sea and not a street vendor in sight.


Perched right on the phwoar-inducing shores of phuket’s phlawless Natai beach, the Aleenta offers peace and quiet away from the bustle Phuket’s other resorts. Kick back at the beach bar after a peace-filled day of spa, sea and sand to watch the sun sink behind the waves.

your room

In Thai, Aleenta means ‘simple, calming modern design and sumptuous comfort’. Well, it doesn’t but it might as well do. The spacious rooms provide panoramic views of the Andaman Sea, pale woods combine with elegant fawns and umbers to accent the clean-cut lines of the Aleenta’s flawless geometry. In a word it’s gorgeous. Or phwoargeous. Very phwoargeous indeed.

why we like it

We love the hotel’s emphasis on soul-soothing good living. The perfect setting for some holistic rituals and sun-soaked detox, when at the Aleenta, dabbling in a little seaside Yoga or Tai Chi is a must.

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