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Forget the heaving crowds, endless lines, strained necks and the constant fear of losing hold of your toddler’s hand and let us arrange something just for you. Here’s selection of some of our favorite private tours, from learning the way of the Ninja in Japan to enjoying a vespa tour of Saigon, Vietnam. Have a read, be inspired and contact us to see what else we can do.

Learn the ways of the Ninja in Japan: Get right under the skin of Japanese tradition – or satisfy your children’s dreams of becoming the real life Kung Fu Panda – and take a martial arts and archery class with one of Japan’s most legendary sensei in Tokyo. Learn the skill, diligence and mantra of these infamous figures who perhaps once dominated the Japanese landscape. Just try stay out of trouble once you’ve got these new-found abilities.


Snap up a photography tour of Luang Prabang, Laos: Luang Prabang must one of the most photogenic spots in Asia, so take a photography tour with us to the region’s aesthetic highlights but also to its hidden gems. Set out to capture the morning alms ritual where hundreds of monks walk through town to collect their food for the day, dressed head to toe in their stunning orange robes. It’s an early start, but well worth it. And it’s sure to give you some impressive shots to show off on your return.


Take a helicopter tour of Nelson, New Zealand: Road trips, wine and film sets aside, if there’s one thing New Zealand does well its food. View this incredible country in a private helicopter charter where you will travel in style to remote locations to collect the freshest kiwi produce. Your “kitchen” may be a table on a mountain top or barbecue grill on the beach with your personal chef, but wherever you are you’ll be sure to bask in the pristine surroundings and enjoy some of the best that New Zealand has to offer from the land and sea, with no one else around.

Hop on a vespa food tour of Saigon: 
Saigon is an effortlessly cool city and is Vietnam’s culinary genius. It oozes appeal and will have your senses heightened with the powerful aromas and feisty flavors flooding the streets. For families with kids aged over six, being chauffer driven by Vespa is a pretty suave mode of transport – add in a couple of expert tour guides who know the roads and foodie hotspots like the back of their hand – and you’ve got yourself an unforgettable private food tour of Vietnam’s most enchanting city.

Take on a private Taiji lesson in the Forbidden City, Beijing:
For the ultimate way to find your Zen, take a private Taiji lesson in the Forbidden City. Your private guide will bring you to the Temple of Heaven, once used by emperors for offering sacrifices, where you’ll meet a martial arts master for your Taiji. Taiji, (tai chi), is practiced as a form of meditation, for longevity and self-defense – you’ll feel your stresses melt away.


Escape with a private tour of Nepal’s highest monastery:
One of the most serene places on the planet nestled within the Sagarmatha national park at a cool 12,687ft, the Tibetan Buddhist Tengboche monastery deserves some real quiet time. Take a private tour and immerse yourself in the stunning Himalayan scenery and the peaceful Tengboche culture – minus the crowds


Enjoy a private dinner and blessing ceremony at Ubud’s temple in Bali, Indonesia: 
We know how important some ‘mum and dad’ time is, so why not take a night off from parent duty and head for a romantic dinner and blessing ceremony in a temple. Take a walk through Bali’s rainforest to experience the purification ritual with a local mangku (priest) carrying out the traditional prayers, and indulge in a foot massage at the riverside bamboo deck. And to top it all off, a delicious candlelit meal without a tourist in sight. Sounds pretty good to us.

Reward yourself with a Champagne evening at Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur: 

Having treated your family to a trip to the vibrant Indian city of Jodhpur, it seems only fair that mum and dad are rewarded. Balanced above the city is Mehrangarh Fort; the perfect spot for a tour with an expert museum curator add a bottle of well-earned champagne and  toast to choosing such a brilliant vacation spot.


Lunch with a view on Inle Lake, Myanmar: As self-confessed foodies, if we find a country that can offer us some delicious gastronomic treats, we’re pretty much sold. And thanks to the perfectly serene Inle Lake, Myanmar manages to pull off stunning scenery too. So we’d like to extend to you an invitation to have lunch on board a private, flat-bottomed canoe, sampling the finest food Myanmar has to offer.


Taste your way around a street food tour, Mexico City: In a nutshell, Mexico City is a must visit gastro-jungle. Take to the streets to sample the local cuisine cooked by those who occupy the food stalls lining the bustling pathways. As we guide you through the markets with a knowledgeable guide you’re sure to taste the most flavorsome foods and local delights. Try everything, but don’t blame us if your diet feels somewhat mundane upon arriving home.


Wine and dine on the Peljesac Peninsula, Croatia: Vacations are the perfect time to spoil yourself and if it’s your palate you fancy satisfying, Croatia is just the ticket. We know language barriers can sometimes cause a bit of a problem – particularly when it comes to menus – so take an English speaking guide to the Korta Katarina winery and the Ston Oyster Farm and be safe in the knowledge that you’re tickling your taste buds with only the best Croatia has to offer.


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