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In a noisy world of endless travel advertisements that inundate with superlatives and reasons we should all experience the wonders of Canada, the stories of those who reside at the heart of this inspiring country have remained unheard. Until now, that is.

A few weeks ago we got in touch with some locals from across the country, whose lifestyles are unique to the lands and cities in which they reside, and asked them to spend a week taking photographs of their daily lives. From a gourmet chef based in a forward-thinking, foodie city to expedition guides spotting polar bears in the Arctic regions of Manitoba; we’ve been lucky enough to secure a diverse range of participants. Participants that were able to direct us away from the well trodden paths and into the realms of the authentic experience. And now the photos have started to roll in. Sat alongside some insightful interviews, we couldn’t think of a better way to officially introduce you to this incredible destination.

Welcome to the real perspective. Welcome to Canada.

Meet Our Locals...

Imagine waking up every day knowing that your office lies aboard the Rocky Mountaineer, or the back drop to your working day is one of whale flukes and icebergs. We happen to know a few people for which this is a daily reality. A reality they've invited us to witness...

Brian Collen in his office at Knight Inlet, Canada

Brian Collen - Knight Inlet, BC

A helicopter in the Rocky Mountains, Canada

Max Darrah - Alberta

Tom Phuong - Toronto

Wade Bush from The Rocky Mountaineer, Canada

Wade Bush - Rocky Mountaineer

The cycling trails of the Yukon, Canada

A Moment with Marsha Cameron - Yukon

Doreen Booth - Manitoba

A view from a local in Fogo Island, Canada

Paddy Barry - Fogo Island

Take the Journey...

Over the years, we've crafted some incredible travel experiences across Canada with a little help from our contacts on the ground. In 2015, we've only added more to our portfolio. Here are just a few of our favorites...

Luxury trip to Canada

Chic cities and wild frontiers in Canada

Views from the Rocky Mountaineer in Canada

An Iconic Canadian Adventure

Fogo Island Inn, Fogo Island, Canada

Scenery, Seafood & Fogo Island

The sun sets on a beach in Nova Scotia, Canada

Rugged Atlantic Beauty in the Eastern Isles

Helicopter over the Rockies in Alberta, Canada

Quintessential Canada in Alberta

Fly in style...

It’s when we board our flight that the true ‘vacation feeling’ kicks in, making your choice of airline really rather important. When it comes to exploring Canada, there's one in particular we always look to...

Business class on board an Air Canada flight

The Ultimate On-board Experience

An Air Canada plane flying along a coastline

Canada from Coast to Coast

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