A world of influence: Bob Marley & Jamaica

In the words of Bob Marley, “love the life you live, live the life you love.” There’s no other way. By embracing the foresight of a young man whose music and lyrics captured the hearts of people across the globe, we can discover the simple, but potent essence of life. You don’t have to be a Reggae fan to respond to Marley’s words. His vision was of peace, respect, freedom and love as the bare necessities of life, and through music Bob Marley awakened the world to this philosophy.

Marley’s vision is deeply rooted in his native Jamaica and even though his untimely death cut short what could have been an even more revolutionary career, his legend remains immortal. As you set foot on the Caribbean island your heart will start beating to the rhythm of love. One love. Go to Marley’s birthplace, Nine Mile, the source of his inspiration and find a small village in Saint Ann Parish that at first is unremarkable but its beauty lies within.

Nine Mile is nestled deep in the Jamaican countryside. An epic green tunnel made of ferns, known as Fern Gully leads uphill and then through the breathtaking scenery of rural villages, the last of which is Nine Mile. The Rastafarian beliefs of peace, tranquility, hospitality and brotherhood are plain for all to see here.

See the home of Robert Nestor Marley. He was born here and later buried in what is now known as the Bob Marley Mausoleum. A small church of traditional Ethiopian design holds the marble mausoleum where Marley was buried alongside his equally revered guitar. The air is filled with the blessings of Jamaican life, the simple rural living that inspired Marley’s music and creed.

Jamaica was Bob Marley’s universe; it held a belief system integral to his whole life. If Jamaica created Bob Marley, and Marley created music that inspired the world, then his philosophy to live in peace and harmony is immortal, and is still very much alive.

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