Destination Inspiration: Greenland

We live in a time when the world holds no mystery – at least in theory. Anyone who’s looked at a map of the Earth can pretty much see all there is, from continents and oceans to islands and glaciers. Yet there is still so much to discover in the world, and in ourselves.

Spin the globe and find yourself in Greenland; a place that allows this discovery. North Atlantic and the Arctic currents, the fjords and the white-coated landscapes, together with tales of Viking heroism, all make up Greenland’s fantastical story. And it’s not far from the truth. Seeing Greenland – experiencing nature’s might at its mightiest – will infuse you with courage and valor, the same traits that made Vikings the most epic conquerors in history.

Travel to remote Polar regions and uncover places that you might miss on the map. It takes immense bravery to travel to ports where few cruise ships venture – and these are the special expedition ships that can cut through the thick arctic ice. You will find yourself at the heart of an ice kingdom, where frozen nature sings in crystalline cracks as the sun rises from the sea like a merciful God. Hear nature sing – there is no background noise; tune in to the soundtrack of a world that is greater, mightier and more inspiring than anywhere you can ever hope to go on Earth.

Ride along the sheeted ice in dog sleds, contemplate the architecture of skyscraper-sized icebergs, or revitalize in a hot spring surrounding by steaming snow. Greenland is intimidating and peaceful, powerful and charming; and for us it’s one of the most inspiring destinations on the planet. Nowhere else in the world quite challenges and awakens us to the true awesomeness of nature as Greenland does.

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