Destination Inspiration: New Zealand

With the constant technological advancements of computer-generated imagery, the power of cinema has reached the point where our eye can barely tell the difference between what is real, and what has been skillfully designed by special effects artists. The Lord of the Rings trilogy comes to mind… epic landscapes painted across the skies of a fantastical land. Well, everything that you’ve seen in Middle Earth is no fantasy. It is New Zealand.

This incredible country in the south west Pacific can make your eye feel like an all-seeing camera lens: hypnotizing panoramic views of the South Island mountains which seem so dramatic that they must be alive, brooding with their own personality and aura. Or, on the North Island, Rotorua’s otherworldly thermal mud pools and geysers, bubbling away to rhythms below Earth’s surface. New Zealand will put on a show for you, but it’s no special effect.

When you think you’ve seen it all, just when your mind is beginning to understand New Zealand’s natural wonders, this remote island country will show you yet more of its truly magical features. Let your spiritual side experience the ancient traditions of the Maori tribes, whose culture lives up to the epic land it lives on. Sing, feast and touch noses with the locals, sit back in a geothermal pool that looks out over the striking panoramas.

How can a place on this Earth be born of such epic proportions that we attribute them to another world? New Zealand may look like the set of a fantasy film, but it is real, and the fantasy can be all your own. Dream up the most intrepid ideas generated by your mind’s computer, and you will find that the world has got there before you. New Zealand is the proof that the world is greater than any special effect we can conjure up.

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