Destination Inspiration: Reykjavik

Have you ever dreamed of escaping our world; stepping off the map and embarking on an extra-planetary adventure? Taking that giant leap to find yourself surrounded by otherworldly scenery in a place so foreign to expectation that your mind struggles to comprehend what it is seeing? Well, that experience is available for you right here on Earth.

Iceland, a land synonymous with glaciers, sub-zero nights and arctic winds… stop. This is only one side of the story; look a little deeper and you will discover that on this island of spectacular scenery, heat is just as prevalent as cold; it is a land of fire and ice. With as many volcanos, thermal hot springs and geysers as glaciers and snowfields, Iceland offers the ultimate juxtaposition of sensory contrasts.

At the heart of this arctic-straddling isle lies Reykjavik, the most northerly capital city on earth – you’ll be struck by quite how unique this place is. Drawing on design from its Scandinavian neighbors, fashion advice from across the globe and culinary inspiration from both land and sea, everyday life here is both eclectic and exciting. A simple stroll around town instils an incredible sense of how a population can thrive and embrace life in a remote outpost of our planet. By night, take in the sheer scale and beauty of the Northern Lights – one of life’s many bucket list items. Stare deep into the ethereal wonder of the cosmos as it shimmers in greens and blues in front of you.

Leaving the city behind, you can experience the freedom of gliding across virgin snow in command of a pack of huskies, the madding crowds of your everyday life a distant memory. Learn the art of ice sculpting, of rock climbing and canyoning – life skills that few at home can boast of, yet ones you will always remember. Experience the thrill of white water rafting on glacial flows, bathing in the heat of the spectacular Blue Lagoon or diving the Silfra Rift, a fissure between two tectonic plates and home to the clearest water on earth. It can all be at your fingertips.

What will you take away from this land of fire and ice, this middle earth? Clarity and perspective? For us it was a sense of achievement; we had traveled to another world and back.

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