Destination Inspiration: Sri Lanka

Life’s greatest moments are fueled by curiosity. It’s what propels us forward and makes us grow as individuals. Experiencing one great moment makes us strive for the next. Each makes us better at what we do, how we live, and understanding who we are. All you need is curiosity and the world will reward you.

The Indian Ocean is a truly captivating place, but there is one island that offers more than any other, an island steeped in 3000 years of mystery and legends. Curious?

In Sri Lanka you’ll find stories whispered from majestic landscapes and ancient wall paintings. It’s a place to let your curiosity guide you. There is so much to discover on this small island, it will be like traveling into the lost past. Walk through bright grasslands on the shoulders of elephants before stopping for freshly picked tea at a quintessential plantation, complete with striking colonial architecture and manicured croquet lawns. The fortress town of Galle shows yet another side to Sri Lanka with its mix of European and North African influences. It raises the questions, how? And why? In Sri Lanka, ask, and incredible stories will soon meet your ears.

You can never be sure how a destination will affect you, or in which way it will mesmerize you, what secret charms it will hold. But let your curiosity lead you to Sri Lanka and you will unearth a land of discovery and contemplation. Life’s great moments will be waiting, one after another.

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