Life Lessons: Back to Basics on Kaua’i

There is no personal test more effective than removing oneself from the ordinary and traveling into the unknown. It’s a well-known fact that, across the globe, unique experiences that serve as important life lessons await. Lessons that have the power to change the way you see the world and show you how extraordinary life can be.

Let us take you to Hawaii, to Kaua’i, an island like no other. Yes, there are palm trees and golden sands, blue water and bluer skies, but this is not a vacation to spend gazing upon the horizon. This is the setting for an adventure that can challenge and transform your very being. Whilst the southern and eastern regions of the island are popular with tourists, the island’s North West coast is as secluded and beautiful a spot as anywhere in Hawaii. Set up camp on this remote stretch of coastline and begin your adventure by searching for food, finding your source of water and building your hammock in the shade of coconut trees. Swim in the ocean alongside thousands of different brightly colored fish. Once you’ve got your fire started back on land and night begins to fall, you’ll be able to enjoy the peace that comes with being the master of your own corner of Kaua’i.

For us, this life lesson is incredibly unique. You’re not learning from another person or culture, instead, you are learning from and about yourself. You are listening to your own ancient instincts and, at the mercy of the elements, working with your surroundings to create your very own version of civilization.

Explore the Hono’onapali Nature Reserve and the hundreds of miles of untouched forest. Map out the topography and learn the fauna and flora that populate this uninhabited part of the island. It’s amazing how special life can be when every act is an achievement. Even the basic tenets of life become rewards in their own right. Learn, grow, change; sometimes you have to go back to basics to rediscover the true complexity and beauty of life.

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