Life Lessons: Japanese Ninja

It’s true that our childhood fantasies rarely play out in the real world. Along the way they are compromised and dulled with the greying smog of reality. It’s fine to dream of being a ninja, even if you know that it won’t ever happen. But what if it could? With our Life Lessons experiences, we can resurrect that fantasy and turn it into a once in a life-time opportunity to live your dream.

Japan is a place where the spirit duels with the restraints of reality, and when you enroll in a challenge to live as a ninja, it is the lessons of grace, humility, and valor that provide you with the life changing experience your dreams pursue. As you stand overlooking the cloud-ringed mountains on a hazy dawn whilst practicing moves with your exclusive instructor, it is a vision that defies reality. It is living the dream.

Practice, meditate, push yourself to meet the challenge and hold your own against the masters of the art, and maybe you’ll be able to don the sacred colors of your Sensei. It’s not all action as a ninja though. We learnt that patience is also key. Clear mind, clear goals and visualized success. Living as a ninja won’t just teach you how to fight; it will teach you how to live life calmly and rationally. It’s a life lesson like no other.

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