Life Lessons: living on water in Ha Long Bay

We’re so used to the feel of the ground beneath our feet, it’s almost impossible to imagine a life that does not rely on it. The way that landscapes soar, forests breed life and scenery changes throughout the endless cycle of seasons; all of this is conducive to our lives. We understand that the yarn of our lives is entwined with that of the land.

But what if that was to change? What if our environment, our lifestyles, were dictated not by the land, but by water? In Asia, a community thrives in this way. A community that lives without land. Nestled amongst Vietnam’s UNESCO World Heritage Ha Long Bay these curious fishing villages reside in houses that float on the water and survive not from the cultivation of land, but the sea. These communities have been a source of intrigue and wonder to us from the moment we stumbled upon them in amongst the labyrinthine waterways and monolithic, jungle-topped islands of Ha Long Bay.

We began to wonder if this was life in reverse; humans returning to an environment they left millions of years ago. But no, this life is just a mirror image of our own, a life that reaps the benefits of the life-giving substance that covers 90% of our planet.

Join the community out on the water and experience this way of life; fishing, cultivating, diving and swimming. They are born on water, they live on water, and they die on water, without ever having set foot on land. The world you know so well is a stranger to them.

You see, it’s possible for home to be anywhere on our planet. We exclude so much of the Earth because of where we think life can flourish. Yet, once we opened our minds to the possibilities of how life can be different, the world revealed its full potential to us. To stay on steady ground, you’ll experience less than if you take the leap. And you must always take the leap.

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