A novel idea: Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

Fiction is full of intrepid adventures, stories that twist and turn all the way to the final page. You close the book and let the story wash over you, soaking up all its revelations and hidden meanings. But what if we could make it come to life? What if we could transfer those feelings of revelation and meaning, story and adventure into your very own travel experience?

When Joseph Conrad wrote Heart of Darkness, the story was never as simple as the words laid out on the page. It is not just the story of Charles Marlow’s ride down the Congo River, and subsequent search for the missing Mr. Kurtz, but it’s also about the wildness of Africa, the opportunities for discovery and new experiences that this vast continent offers. And in doing so, Conrad was one of the first writers to bring light to the dark history of Europe’s involvement with Africa’s land and people.

Cruise down the Congo River, and search for your own Mr. Kurtz. He is not real, just an ideal, a metaphor for the search for your place in this wild and unknown world. Witness ancient tribes and new scenes, and see the life, land and art that will make you question everything you thought you knew about Africa. It will seem like a land untouched for millennia, and that’s the truth; it is not Africa that changes, but you.

It is only by coming to Africa, like Conrad and his protagonist Marlow, that you will understand the story of this land. Nowhere else in the world offers so much insight, so much perspective and self-reflection on ourselves and the world we live in. This is the place of discovery; of new experiences, new settings, and most of all, new perspectives.

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