A Novel Idea: Shantaram by David Gregory Roberts

We believe there is no limit to the possibilities in this world, and that we can make any fiction a reality. We can recreate the journeys of our literary heroes and place ourselves in the heart of lands that burst from the pages of their books. Have you ever wanted to experience a world straight from the words of your favorite book?

When Gregory David Roberts uncovered India in his epic storytelling adventure, Shantaram, he introduced us to another face of this abounding land. Put yourself in the lead role of Shantaram’s Lindsay, and experience an adventure that many believed existed only on paper, until now.

Like in Shantaram, by engaging with the local customs and taking part in the usually unseen traditions of daily life in India, you’ll be taken in and rewarded with a new outlook. Insight into how these communities function and work together will open your eyes to a new spirit and way of making sense of the world. Try it, and see how it can change you. This may be rooted in fiction, but the resulting possibilities are very real.

In India, Lindsay was transformed; his whole life reshaped and changed by the unique hum of experiences in India. Like him, you can change your vision of the world. Change is what
seduced Lindsay and change is what India offers. Bring the fiction to life and use the phenomenal power of literature to experience a land that gives with every step you dare to take away from the trodden path. You’ll never be the same again.

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