The Place of Tomorrow: Opera in Buenos Aires

Royalty will always invoke a fascination within us whether it’s in the form of fictional fairytales, centuries old history, or the modern day news. Perhaps it’s the breathtaking opulence – have you ever been inside Versailles and pictured yourself living there for a day? But forget palaces and castles, one night at the opera can bestow upon us the illusion of being royalty.

Paris might be your first thought for a perfect night at the opera and for good reason. The Paris Opéra was founded by Louis XIV and for almost 400 years has produced mesmerizing performances. For centuries, Paris has been the spiritual home of the majestic opera experience. But a new corner of the world has been singing out to us…

Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires. The main opera house in Buenos Aires is the ultimate regal treat. Even the history of Teatro Colón is majestic. It took 20-years of hard labour before the present theater could open its doors with its first performance of Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida in 1908. We can only imagine the feeling as the audience was treated to the soaring tones that extravagantly tell the stories of love and tragedy. For the few hours you are in the Teatro Colón, your eyes, ears, and heart are enamoured by the performance. Nothing produces emotion like the unique delivery of opera, as it finds its way into your soul through the power, beauty and grace of the human voice.

At the opera, we all feel like royalty, we are all transported to our fantasy worlds, by nothing more than the voice of the singers. And in Argentina, there is all the grandeur and none of the pretentiousness. In Buenos Aires, we, the audience, make it grand, we make it special. We are the world we have created here.

You will never forget the experience at Teatro Colón – it is the coronation of musical events. Let yesterday have Paris. Tomorrow is all about Buenos Aires.

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