The Place of Tomorrow: Gorilla Safari in Uganda

We are a forward thinking generation. We are members of innovative societies that encourage and embrace progression. We are driven by the dream of what can be achieved tomorrow. And, as such, we are a generation that is no longer satisfied with the ordinary. It is the extraordinary that we seek, in all aspects of our lives, and it is the extraordinary that we should seek when we choose to travel, too. You see, travel has the power to enrich our lives, and, like the societies in which we live, travel is constantly evolving to suit the needs of those who want more. There’s no doubt about it; bland, brochure-style trips are a thing of the past. And we can prove it.

Take safari, for example. One of the world’s most iconic travel experiences and one that is synonymous with the likes of Tanzania; safari has been ticked off many a bucket list, an experience shared at many a dinner table. Yet, did you know that in Uganda, safari has a whole new dimension? Yes, you’ve got kobs, giraffes, zebras and elephants, but you’ve also got the opportunity to hike through the jungle for a face to face encounter with a mountain gorilla.

Uganda’s mysterious mountain gorillas are far removed from the lowland gorillas you might have seen before. Bigger, stronger and covered in long dark hair, catch a glimpse of one of these elusive creatures crashing through the undergrowth and you’ll be left awe-inspired. Your heart will race and your senses will go into overdrive as you listen intently for movement and search for a sighting of a creature that will stay in your memory for lifetime. The safari of yesterday can barely be compared. The safari of yesterday drives you across open planes; the safari of tomorrow takes you to the wilds of Uganda on foot.

Africa may have been discovered, but it has in no way been fully explored. All the destinations you thought you knew… look a little harder and a world full of unique experiences will appear before you.

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