The Place of Tomorrow: ballet in Havana

A night at the ballet in St. Petersburg has been a much revered form of entertainment for the well-heeled for time immemorial. They have looked on, and listened, enraptured by the beauty of masterpieces by home-grown composers. Tchaikovsky’s Swann Lake, The Nutcracker, The Sleeping Beauty… these are the classics, and to experience them in the composer’s home town of St. Petersburg would take you back to a world of refinery and elegance.

Yet, it is also important that we strive to move forward. That we strive to discover a new world, a place of tomorrow where it doesn’t matter where you’ve come from, it only matters where you’re going.

Inspired by the idea of a new world, we searched for a ballet that could match St. Petersburg in beauty, in grace and in passion, but in an entirely new way. That is why we’ve been to Havana to catch a glimpse of the ballet of tomorrow.

Host of the International Ballet Festival of Havana, the Great Theater of Havana is a building as grand and beautiful as anything that the Old World of St. Petersburg can offer. But here, ballet is not purely a form of refined entertainment. Yes, it is a skill, an art, but it is also a powerful vehicle through which an epic and raw message for the common man is born. Ballet here is produced and performed to speak deeply to all of us, to inspire, to influence, to move.

The Old World is a beautiful and elegant place, but leave it for a while and turn your attention to a New World that is rising from relative anonymity. You will experience different cultures, styles and performances. You will realize that this is ballet for the Modern Age. Culture without the cult of history.

The new place to witness the elegance and beauty of ballet is our new place of tomorrow. Our Havana.

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