The Place of Tomorrow: The calm of Lake Malawi

The beauty of its lakes has long been Italy’s worst kept secret. Lake Como, play area of Europe’s glitterati, seems like the perfect setting as sunshine reflects off the calm, still waters. It’s a place that oozes class, style and grandeur, so much so, that Lake Como has become almost as much about who you see and not what you see.

A continent away from Como, covering the borders of Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania, is Lake Malawi. While Como is now a busy resort as more and more people flock to its shores to see and be seen, Lake Malawi truly offers something Como can’t; calm.

It is a place that offers the class and the style, and exudes tranquil and serene beauty, but without the image or the crowds. The only herds you may see are those of elephant or buffalo, happily grazing across the plains that surround the lake. After a few days of safari, spotting rhinos, lions and leopards, as well as the elephants and buffalo, nothing can beat the sheer seclusion and peacefulness of Lake Malawi. The calm waters stretch far into the distance, giving you the time and distance to truly reflect on what you have seen.

Dotted alongside Lake Malawi are pockets of lush countryside, charming fishing villages and colorful markets, stocked with items that are a long way from the world of Lake Como. Every year, set on a secluded part of Lake Malawi’s palm-fringed shore, the Lake of Stars festival brings a completely different vibe to the experience. Featuring Malawian and African artists, the three day festival is an adventure into the cultural heartbeat of Lake Malawi. It will uncover the joy and vibrancy of a culture we knew so little about yesterday.

Lake Malawi’s final surprise is under its water. It’s believed that there are more species of fish in Lake Malawi than in any other lake in the world. It’s another world under the water, teaming with life and activity, and one that contrasts so perfectly to the usual serene peacefulness of life on the shores of the lake.

It’s a wonder that the masses aren’t heading for Lake Malawi already. But with so much to offer, it’s a place of tomorrow with secrets ready to be shared.

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