The Place of Tomorrow: the mystique of the Namib

Intrepid and ethereal by nature, the desert always exudes an air of mystique, beckoning us to explore the treasures hidden in the vast landscape. It’s why we love Morocco so much. Wrapped around the fringes of the Sahara desert, Morocco’s desert has more to discover than most; there are the Atlas Mountains, the pockets of vibrant life and Berber culture to seek out, and of course, there are the miles and miles of peaceful desert where nothing at all happens, perfect for when you just want to get away.

But those untouched, unexplored areas are getting smaller and smaller. It seems everyone has seen sunrise over the desert dunes, everyone has hitched a ride on the back of a camel. There are ever-increasing trails trodden into the desert by the people who have been there before.

What if we wanted a desert in its purest form? The one our mind imagines when we think of that alluring intrepid adventure, the other-worldly beauty that hasn’t been explored and discovered in full. And we think we’ve found our desert of tomorrow, Namibia’s Namib desert.

Raw, untamed, pristine desert is what greets you when you cast your gaze over the Namib. The sand dunes rise up like giant golden waves, statuesque under the heat of the African sun. There’s not a footprint or mark across the dunes’ flawless surface, so you can be the first to climb them before breaking out the body board and surfing down. It’s a landscape designed completely by the forces of sun and wind, crafting beauty out of sand.

It even has its own flora and fauna, specially adapted to the challenge of life in the desert conditions. There are species of antelope and gazelle, and even types of desert elephant, specific to the Namib desert.

This is the desert straight out of our imagination, with a rolling landscape of orange, red and golden sands, blown in defiant shapes by the desert winds, seemingly untrodden by human foot. The Namib is our place of tomorrow because it is quite simply the untouched desert of our dreams.

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