A world of influence: Enzo Ferrari in Modena

You don’t have to be a racing driver to appreciate how extraordinary Ferrari is. You need not be a driver at all. Even if you’re the kind of person less likely to be impressed by the sound of a V12 engine, the elegance of a Ferrari driving past will always turn heads. It’s more than a car – it’s a feeling. A feeling of power and freedom perfectly embodied in its memorable logo of the rearing horse.

Enzo Ferrari was the founder of the famous car that bears his name. He gave us the spectacle of the Formula 1 racing team that fostered god-like drivers like Niki Lauda and Alain Prost, and later Michael Schumacher. He set the bar elegantly high when it comes to performance.

Modena in northern Italy is where it all began, and Ferrari’s factory is located just outside the city, in Maranello. There must be something special about the region as Lamborghini and Maserati were founded just minutes away in Bologna, as well the famously high-speed track at Imola; named “Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari” after Enzo and his son Dino, it is a track considered the ultimate test of a racing driver’s ability and bravery.

Why was this region of northern Italy so perfect for the home of the glitterati of sports cars? The elegance and architecture of Modena and Bologna certainly provide insight into the tastes and passions that go into building such cars. But the need for speed goes back much further than that. Two thousand years ago, the Romans used Imola for chariot racing, and Italy has never lost that love for speed and racing.

Today, Ferrari has come to define Modena, and there is no greater measure of success than becoming the absolute symbol of a city. It’s almost as if Enzo Ferrarri gave the world Modena and not the other way around. Horse printed flags flutter from people’s homes, from restaurants, and from stores. The “Capital of Engines”, Modena and its surroundings are the spiritual home of the super car. Much of this is down to Enzo Ferrari, but how much Enzo Ferrari owed to his home town, is yours to be discovered.

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