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A note from our founders:

Below is a video and the transcript of a message from Black Tomato’s founders, Tom, James and Matt.
Thanks for watching and reading.

It’s hard to know how to approach this. We are grateful to start seeing positive signs that these challenging times may be improving but we know we can’t get carried away. Whilst we hope that the world continues to open up, we know that there is a way to go. 

As we wait, we also know that we need to continue to communicate, to speak. To share thoughts and connect with our clients, our partners, our friends in the industry and all of our work family. And these conversations have been happening: in many-faced Zoom calls, in the comment sections of documents, over phone lines and WhatsApp groups.  But it all still feels a little imperfect – and removed. We want our words to have weight. But so often they feel weightless. 

It’s hard to only have words to draw on when we so badly want to take action — to hug our family, to break out of our monotony, to walk into the unknown, to travel. Things we are yearning to do.  And whilst we hope those moments and journeys may be just around the corner we also know taking care and protecting each other must always take precedent. 

“At the heart of it has been that one simple word: care. We work in the world of travel because we care.”

Our love for travel will remain undimmed, but right now our thoughts are with those whose lives and loved ones have been impacted by this virus and the heroes of our healthcare services and key workers who keep our worlds turning. And within these tough and over-whelming times, we’ve also taken solace in the support of the people in the industry who we’re proud to call friends. From in-country partners to the hoteliers, tourist boards, experience creators, guides and hospitality kings and queens that allow us to do what we do. The outreach, contact, virtual hugs, open-mindedness, lengths people have gone to help each other, has been truly inspirational.  

At the heart of it has been that one simple word: care. We work in the world of travel because we care.

About sharing the wonders of our planet with people; about supporting communities who rely on travellers visiting them and sensitively engaging with their world; about helping people realise those daydreams that began the first time they looked out of a window and wondered what was over the horizon; about colleagues that share that same passion.

It’s been humbling to see and we are lucky to be surrounded by so many brilliant and unflagging people. As to the future of travel and how and when we can begin re-discovering both what’s on our doorstep and much further afield, that’s for another message at another time but rest assured we are working hard on it and know that we will all travel again.

Now we simply want to say that the three of us are sending our very best wishes to you all. Thanks for listening and here’s to the day when words give way to those longed-for actions. We are grateful that we are beginning to see positive signs that these challenging times may be improving.

Tom, James and Matt 

Co-Founders of Black Tomato 


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