Mokoro safari in the Okavango Delta

Where to book in March

Feeling the decision fatigue set in? Well, we’ve narrowed the field for you.

Each month, we sit down with our team of Travel Experts in an effort to pin down the destinations you should book now. Old classics, emerging destinations, and novel twists on the done and dusted. This month has been a little different; with the challenges of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) we’ve had to rely on our years of expertise and network of partners to not just understand its global impact for our clients but to find the destinations and experiences that continue to shine through in unsteady times. So whilst we continue to face challenges, we continue to be empathetic and agile. And provide you and our clients with the greatest travel experiences on earth. The destinations aren’t for travel today but for tomorrow. They’re for booking in March so you can ensure your year is one full of adventure still.

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Celebrate King’s Day in Belgium & the Netherlands

Last month we launched our first-ever Belgian itinerary. Great for beer, chocolate, art and culture. Paired with a jaunt to the neighbouring Netherlands and you can enjoy Konigsdag (King’s Day) on 27th April, which also happens to be tulip season. The atmosphere is incredible.

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Camp out in Patagonia for December’s solar eclipse

Ok, several reasons behind this one. The solar eclipse on 14th December will be particularly spectacular when seen from Argentine Patagonia. We can arrange for you to pitch a luxury camp for your group, complete with a private chef and entertainment. December – February is also the ideal season to explore Antarctica, where we have recently relaunched our tours.

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Study the secrets of Iceland’s echoing rocks

The heavyweight champion of accessible, adventurous trips, Iceland is still far from explored. We’ve curated a new off-the-beaten-track Diamond Circle adventure in the country’s rugged, mysterious north. The Echoing Rocks? Dettafoss Waterfall? Now’s your time.

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Get a front-row seat for the Monaco Grand Prix

More specifically, consider the Monaco Grand Prix in May or the Voiles de St Tropez in October – both fascinating anchors around which to build your French itinerary. What’s more, we’ve recently launched a new Paris and Burgundy itinerary alongside global food authority Eater. Expect truffle hunting expeditions, gourmet lunch served at a historic chateau, and vineyard tours in the countryside of Beaune. Vouloir en savoir davantage?

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Track leopards (hard) and sloths (easy) in Sri Lanka

Carolyn, our head of product, is particularly keen to stress that Sri Lanka is a year-round destination; “depending on which coast or area you head to.” Perfect for last-minute spring breaks or wintertime escapes from the punishing cold of the Northern Hemisphere. Personally, we’re particularly besotted with Wilpattu National Park (in short: leopards, sloths, Asian elephants, archaeology and history, and the stunning Modara Gamaru and Kala Oya Rivers).

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A Canadian road trip extravaganza

Who doesn’t love a road trip? Here, we’re pushing a jeep journey through Alberta and British Columbia; stopping off in Banff national park, Whistler, Toronto (for a slab of culture and really good eating), and Tofino (a tiny district on Vancouver Island that is absolutely bursting with ancient forests, still lakes and the very edge of the Pacific Rim reserve). Go for it. 

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