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Now, without blowing our own trumpet, we’re rather good at luxury honeymoons. Being bespoke travel experts, we’re obsessed with creating the perfect vacation experience so when it comes to creating the trip of a lifetime; we’re a perfect match (sorry).

Honeymoons come in all shapes and sizes; City then beach? Jungle trek then beach? Shopping then beach or just a big old mountain with some snow? The point is, we take our time to really understand just what makes the perfect honeymoon for our clients and ensure that it is well and truly worthy of that ‘once in a lifetime’ tag.

But being Black Tomato, we always like to add a little dash of spice to what we do for our clients.

Your honeymoon gift page

Before you jet off, we’ll create a unique honeymoon gift page which details where you’re going and what you’ll be doing when you get there (with some lovely pics to inspire you). You can then pass this onto friends and family to let them know about your honeymoon. Should you opt for your wedding guests to contribute towards your trip as part of your gift list, they can just give us a call and our experts are on hand to guide them through the simple process and take note of any well wishes for you to read on your return.

Get packing with our stylist

Let us help you handpick the ultimate honeymoon vacation closet with our Stylist. Book a personal storeping day or get some inspiration from the style guru’s in our Beach Tomato team to avoid any ugly suitcase surprises.

Body beautiful boot camp

Want the body beautiful in the run up to the honeymoon? Who doesn’t? Then call on us and we can sign you up for honeymoon boot camp with our personal trainers who can whip you into shape in no time, and you’ll save a few pounds too with our exclusive 12-week programme offer just for you.

Before you go reminder service

We know you have a bulging to-do list in the run up to the big day, so if you need to knock this into shape – just ask about our honeymoon reminder service. We can send you updates on when to get your vaccinations, currency and advice on getting the best table in the house on your honeymoon. Just ask us.


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