NYC: 1964 vs 2014

Whilst indulging in Mad Men we are transported to the New York of the 1960’s, the sleek sophisticated world of Don and Betty Draper.  How different is the world of the Drapers and the Sterling Cooper advertising agency to the New York of today? We take a nostalgic look at the trends and crazes which shaped 1964 along with our predictions of what will be making waves in 2014 New York.


1964: Classic, simple drinks were the favorite choice in 1964, such as a Gin Martini served straight up with two olives, the refreshing gin and lemon of Tom Collins or a tumbler of Scotch on the rocks. Whether enjoyed at home, in a bar or at the office in-between meetings, these drinks are sure to have been accompanied with a plume of Lucky Stripe smoke at all times.

2014: Mixology has taken New York by storm with the endless, unique drink combinations unlikely to bore New Yorkers any time soon. There are numerous bars which pride themselves on the extensive range of cocktails they can rustle up from their exotic collection of ingredients. A perfect example is Apotheke in Lower Manhattan offering a menu of extraordinary drinks including the Edmame and Shiso cocktail, an interesting mix of vodka, edamame puree, muddled cucumber, shaved ginger, wasbi-pink Himalayan salt rim.



1964: With the help of TV chef Julia Child and her guidance in ‘The French Chef’, New Yorkers had the means to be more adventurous with their home-cooking. Dinner parties reigned with the culinary delights of shrimp cocktails, beef wellington, crepe suzette, baked Alaska and of course the now iconic, cheese and pineapple hedgehog.

2014: Over the years the New York food scene has enthusiastically embraced many global influences with an abundance of international restaurants, the development of fusion food and experimental culinary mash-ups such as the French croissant paired with the American doughnut to create the Cronut. This worldwide impact looks set to continue with New Yorkers creating intercontinental feasts at home. With the help of Whole Foods exotically stacked shelves and the release of cookbooks such as ‘My Irish Table’ and ‘The Peruvian Kitchen’, exciting aromas and tastes will soon be filling the kitchens of New York.



1964: They sang to New York ‘You’ve really got a hold on me’ when truthfully it was America who had fallen head over heels for the Liverpudlian charm of The Beatles. The quartet made their first US TV appearance in 1964 on the New York filmed Ed Sullivan Show, watched by an outstanding 73 million people in 23 million households across America. It truly was the year Beatlemania dominated the airwaves, with The Beach Boys, The Supremes and The Four Seasons also having huge success.

2014: Instead of TV ratings, a musician’s success is now measured by the number of YouTube hits collected by their music videos. With Beyoncé releasing her self-titled visual album at the end of 2013 to huge praise and millions of YouTube watches it is inevitable musicians will follow this example, treating their fans to larger collections of music videos.  The promising artists of the next year look to be talented singers Ella Ezyre, Chloe Howell and Sam Smith, along with exciting comebacks from old favorites Coldplay, Paolo Nutini and Foo Fighters.


1964: The disco glitz of Diana Ross, the long legs and lashes of Jean Shrimpton, the sharp tailored mod look of The Kinks and the Italian glamour of Sophia Loren all had an influence on the street fashion of 1960s New York. The ‘60s was a decade of monumental changes in fashion, with two of these defining moments going hand-in-hand; mini-skirts and tights. The mass production of tights meant women could ditch the hassle of stockings, garters and girdles, completely committing to the flirtatious fun of rising hemlines.

2014: With the bi-annual fashion weeks in a growing number of cosmopolitan cities, the influx of trends and style direction to follow has quadrupled since the ‘60s. It has become the quest of fashion addicts to stay as ahead of the trend as possible, grabbing looks from the catwalk as quickly as possible. On this year’s list of must haves, already tried and tested by the fashion editors is the shimmer and shine of metallic, pastel colors with a jewelled edge and geometric prints.


1964: During the 1960’s air travel was an expensive and rare luxury with vacations decided by train and road routes. During the sweltering summers, wives and children would decamp to the pleasant cooler climates of picturesque seaside towns such as Portland in Maine, with the husbands left to work in the city and visit on long weekends. Young New Yorkers migrated in the summer too, flocking to the Hamptons in nearby Southampton leaving behind their city ambitions and worries for sunbathing, swimming and cool boxes filled with sandwiches and beers.

2014: Over the last 50 years travel has taken leaps and bounds with the advancement of long haul flights meaning no destination is too far. One of the breakthrough travel trends for 2014 looks to be Set Jetting, traveling to the set locations of TV shows and films.

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