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We’ve been a bit inspired by all things TV related lately with the launch of our Set Jetting series. So we thought it only makes sense to talk to Black Tomato co-founder, Tom Marchant, about his screen-inspired travel…

Which film from 2013 has most inspired you to travel? Why?

Strange choice but watching Rush pushed my travel buttons. Not for the motor racing (although I am a fan) but it was the way in which they beautifully shot the locations. From the Italian countryside to the pace of New York London and European cities, the film portrayed the glamour of both the era and the sport so well. Importantly and from an inspiration point of view, the locations were more than just backdrops, they were so often the center-piece and the film breathed style, taste and that little bit of glamour into all of them. Importantly, you can still find and enjoy that feeling in them today.

Has there been a food-filled scene that’s made you hungry for more?

Cliché alert but every time I watch Goodfellas (a personal favorite of mine), I find myself unable to watch the prison meal scene without getting hungry and positively salivating for meatballs. The preparation, the way it is shot. Just everything about that scene always does it for me. The smell is almost coming off the screen.


What movie has introduced you to an unknown place? Where did you go?

Not a movie but the series Breaking Bad shone a light on the magnificence of the New Mexico landscape for me. Get beyond the subject matter of the stunning series and you also get some of the most striking landscapes shot for tv in my mind. Its got me and my clients heading out to a part of the world that is relatively new to us. We knew the area but just not the beauty of it. It also inspired a whole new product launch from us – Set Jetting.

Share a film that’s made you want to return to a place you’ve visited…

City of God. Captures the craziness, injustice, depth, glamour, pace, spirit and soul of Rio de Janiero so well. An incredible film that pulsates from start to finish. Makes you want to get back and explore and also appreciate that the beauty of places can often mask a darker scene entirely.


Pick one hotel or landmark that deserves an Oscar for its integral role in a film…

Petra, Jordan for its role in the finale of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Its landscape is so beautiful and atmospheric and so perfectly suited to the movie, that most people would have thought it the vision of a brilliant set designer in Hollywood, tasked with creating the perfect setting for the end of the original trilogy of movies. The striking stone facades and passages were the inspiration for the ‘canyon of the crescent moon’ constantly referred to in the movie and when it finally did appear on the screen it didn’t disappoint.

Describe your experience seeing a movie abroad…

Watched a movie broadcast against a wall whilst sat on the upper deck of a ferry heading south over night from Manila to Palawan in the Philippines. A flimsy projector bounced the movie off the side of a cabin. It was a local film and couldn’t follow it due to my poor Filipino but the experience of watching the locals enraptured by it and enjoying them enjoying it as moonlight shone across the deck has always stayed with me.

Name the movie star/director (dead or alive) that you’d most want to travel with…

Movie star: Richard Harris. Loved adventure, loved life and loved the local firewater. All great ingredients for a brilliant journey. Movie director: Spike Lee for a specific trip. To see his New York. His film 25th hour remains one of my favorite ever and his encapsulation of the city is phenomenal.


Select the soundtrack to your next vacation or road trip…

Tom Waits – Closing Time, for the road trip I am taking from LA out to Utah. A beautiful, chilled and atmospheric album that I like particularly for this trip as it was in LA in the early 70s that he started playing songs that ended up on in this album at his local gigs.

Predict the film that’s going to win Best Picture this year…

12 Years A Slave. A film has not left an impression on me for so long after I have seen it in a long time. Brutal and distressing but also spirited and euphoric. So many great contenders this year but I can’t see past this one for me.

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