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From its astounding architecture to its calm lake-shores, its vibrant night-life to the serenity of its luxury hotels; Toronto is, without a doubt, a city to be reckoned with. Home to a multitude of different cultures, and thus a place of wonderfully diverse food, art and neighborhoods; no two days exploring Toronto will ever be the same (which is exactly how we like it). It’s a big, bold city whose atmosphere is electric and whose identity is completely unique, and one that serves as a stunning gateway to the rest of the country.

Just seven hours from London and less than two from NYC, you’ve not got far to go before you’re immersed in the life and vibrancy of a truly special spot in Eastern Canada. Liking the sound of it? Then read on, because we’ve got so much to show you…

Tom Marchant in Toronto from Black Tomato on Vimeo.


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