Why not just do it yourself?

If all you want is flights and accommodation, it’s pretty easy these days to go online and book them. A few clicks and job done. If, however, you feel your precious time off should work as hard as you do, and be truly life-enhancing, you need a right-hand man with insight and expertise.

That’s where we come in.

Time Management

We take the time you haven't got, to design a trip for you that ticks every box – whether it's to see a destination from a different angle or satisfy your need to escape, indulge, challenge yourself or learn something new. So that when you return home, you are refreshed, revitalized and satisfied that you made the very most of your precious time off.

Idea Generation

One of our best attributes. We've been around the world and have the knowledge and contacts to ensure that your vacation is a transformative experience, you don't miss a thing and you're still talking about it months or even years later.

Money Saving

What price can you put on the perfect vacation? Our itineraries are brimming with brilliant ideas that are tailored to you. This may look like a lot of money on paper, but trust us: all this would cost you more if you booked it yourself. (And you might miss something.)

Peace of Mind

We're always there in the background in case of questions or emergencies – or if you simply want to send us a postcard from the South Pacific to let us know you're OK.


Just in case a supplier fails, we're covered and so are you.