Luxury Vacations in Europe

“To wake at dawn on a hillside and look out on a world for which I had no words”

Forged by some of the greatest political upheavals in history, Europe’s comparative smallness belies the extraordinary diversity of its countries and regions. For Laurie Lee, traversing the fields of England, it would leave him – a writer – at a loss for even words. From the drama of the Scottish Highlands to the everlasting grandeur of Rome, our luxury trips to Europe will give you everything you desire – the taste of ouzo, the scent of Amalfi lemons, the fjords of Lofoten. And this is just for starters.

By ‘we’, of course, we mean our Europe travel experts. Together, they keep their ears pressed firmly to the ground; continually seeking the best, the boldest, and the most secretive corners of one of the world’s most surprising continents. And they do it for you.

This is about landscape – of mountains high and coastlines wild. It’s about train journeys through the Swiss Alps and road trips along the Italian spine. It’s about Michelin-starred plates in Slovenia and secret pintxos bars in Bilbao. You can sail the seas of the Aegean or seek the northern lights that blaze above Lapland. Tell us your dates, your group size, your desires, and we’ll do the rest. Your trip to Europe is safely in our hands.

Northern Lights in the sky above a waterfall and mountainous landscape

Northern Europe

Kingdoms of snow, cities of culture. Fog-shrouded islands whose skies – by night – come alive with the color of the northern lights. Norway. Sweden. Finland. Lapland. Denmark. Iceland. This magnetic region offers some of the most mesmerizing adventures in the world. Think husky sledding across crisp white snow, resting weary bones in natural hot springs, star gazing from your private glass igloo. All you have to do is ask.

A Mediterranean street in Europe

The Mediterranean

The ruins of the ancient Aegean. The Renaissance domes and Byzantine basilicas. Craggy, golden cliffs that fold into sparkling waters. Olive oil, roasting meat – and the ‘wine dark’ sea of Homer and the ships that sail across it. From the canals of Venice to the island of Sifnos, here is a world of golden altars, of trattorias and tavernas, and of wine that’s grown (and bottled) just a stone’s throw from where you drink it.

Paris across the Seine, Europe

Central and Western Europe

Romance, history, language and literature. Think of Ella Fitzgerald and Luis Armstrong, singing: ‘April in Paris, this is a feeling’. Trains that wind their way into the Alps. The castles of Bavaria. The golden towers of the Alhambra. Food and elegance. Art galleries and tree-lined boulevards. This is a feeling. But it’s so much more. Looking for a luxury private tour to Europe? Start here.


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