What we love about Japan is its diversity and unwavering ability to surprise. We love the fact that you can ski through thick powder in Niseko before relaxing on tranquil beaches down in Ishigaki. We also love the way it balances futuristic cities with a rich, centuries-old culture. So, whether you want culture and downhill, cuisine and off-the-beaten-track, our tailor-made vacations in Japan have it all.

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A seamless fusion of ancient and modern, Japan is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. A place where age-old history blends with revolutionary developments, where innovate architecture is built around intricate temples, it’s a living and breathing contradiction. If you’re after luxury resorts, rejuvenating hot springs, the ultimate ski vacation, or an urban retreat, look no further than Japan.


Tokyo is a city that ignites all of your senses. There is a never-ending stream of bright lights, quirky fashion, and dazzling architecture. All of the commotion can make us develop an appetite, so it’s a good thing Tokyo houses some of the best markets and restaurants on the planet. Make an early morning visit to the famous Tsukiji Fish Market and book into anyone of the over 200 Michelin-Starred eateries.


Every year between March and April, the gardens of Japan turn pink with an abundance of blooming Cherry Blossoms. A powerful and intoxicating sight, witnessing this sea of pink florets is an incredibly special and memorable experience. To marvel at this natural spectacle, we recommend visiting Nakaragi no Michi Path in Kyoto or Shinjuku Gyoen in Tokyo – both of which we offer intimate tours of.


A Japanese pastime since the 18th century, an Onsen is a natural hot spring containing a number of beneficial minerals, and there are over 2,500 of them in the country. A luxury vacation in Japan wouldn’t be complete without a visit to one of these magical baths, followed by a fantastic night’s rest at a traditional Ryokan. We know just the place…

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Japan doesn’t follow the rules when it comes to resorts and hotels. A vacation here can be anywhere from extremely traditional to intriguingly unconventional and that’s what we love about it. The one thing these hotels do have in common? They are all tried and tested by our Black Tomato Experts, so you don’t have to deal with trial and error.


With such a mesmerising culture, some of our favorite hotels in Japan are the ones steeped in tradition. Generally minimalist, classic Japanese hotels and homestays tend to bring us back to nature, tranquillity, and peace. Situated on the Ooigawa River, the simplistic Hoshinoya just outside of Kyoto is waiting to lull you into bliss with its classic furnishings and architecture. Pro tip: Visit in Autumn!


Japan is as much about expression as it is about preservation. Exhibiting design and style that effortlessly blends old and new, it’s no surprise that the luxury hotels in this country range from classic to charismatic. For something really different, head to the island of Taketomi for diving, unique festivals, and tours on water-buffalo carts!


Let’s not beat around the bush: the most opulent and elegant hotels in Japan reside in Tokyo. While the towers are soaring and it can be a dizzying from ground level, The Aman offers unparalleled panoramas of the cityscape from its elevated positions at the top of a high-rise. Borderline futuristic, hotels like this are the textbook definition of Tokyo’s luxurious side.

  • Population Population 126,400,000
  • Capital Capital Tokyo
  • Currency Currency Yen
  • Language Language Japanese
  • Time Difference Time Difference GMT + 9 | ET + 14
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    "Explore Tokyo's Tsukji Fish Market and snack on the freshest sushi in the world"

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