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Elephants in Botswana


No matter how many times we visit, Botswana always finds new ways to surprise us and capture our imagination. After all, why ...

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Beyond the plains of the Serengeti, the hillsides of Virunga or the shorelines of the Cape, Congo offers a whole new realm of...

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An ancient land that has entranced and mystified in equal measure. Far beneath the billowing sails of boats along the Nile a...

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Ethiopia holidays


Far from the trodden path, Ethiopia is the perfect destination for the curious traveler. One of Africa’s least known yet mo...

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Flamingos in Kenya


The original safari destination, Kenya has been connecting us with the animal kingdom for decades. Home to all manner of Afri...

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Wild, untamed and virtually unexplored, a tailormade vacation in Madagascar offers an adventurous getaway amid some truly oth...

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Far from the madding crowds and home to the warmest welcome you could ever hope to receive; Malawi may not be on everyone’s...

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“We can’t quite put our finger on it, but there’s just something so irresistible about Morocco. Whether it’s the ...

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Stretched across the east coast of Africa, Mozambique takes the rolling plains of its neighbors and replaces them with powder...

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