Luxury Safaris & Gorilla Treks in Congo

Beyond the plains of the Serengeti, the hillsides of Virunga or the shorelines of the Cape, Congo offers a whole new realm of African discovery. One for the intrepid and the adventurous, this is a place best explored wading through jungles bais, fly-camping beneath the stars and kayaking down remote rivers. On a tailormade vacation in Congo, experience nature as it was intended; raw and untouched.

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What to see and do in Congo


For great stretches of the Congo river, which surges, spills, and winds its way across this Central African nation, the reeds become so thick that the river effectively disappears. Such things only add to the peculiar beauty of Congo, a country which boasts half the world’s lowland gorillas, swathes of balmy rainforest, and a decidedly laidback capital in Brazzaville. Answer the call of the wild. You won’t regret it.


If you stay in the 1880-founded city of Brazzaville (named after its Italo-French founder), you’ll experience a gentle slice of laidback West African comfort. You can also take in the venerable sight of the Nabemba Tower, which rises over the city in gold-grey – an outcome of the then Marxist government’s spatial policies during the 1980s. For those heading out into the wilds (that’ll be most of you), some of the continent’s best safari awaits – not least the simply huge community of lowland gorillas in the country. Let us sort you out a private tour and you can see for yourself.


Camps, lodges and no-stress hotels mark the luxury offering in Congo. The best of these are nestled among the rainforest and wild nature which will be your base to encounter an ultimate wildlife experience. At Ngaga Camp, you’re pretty much in Gorilla Central Station. Your expert guide and tracker will show you the way.


If trekking gorillas through the jungle mist, and traversing a country with not one but three wildlife parks, is your idea of the perfect luxury honeymoon then look no further than Congo. Alongside the (understandably addictive) gorilla watching, you can explore the raised platforms of Lango bai, kayak down the Lekoki River, and descend into the wildlife-rich riverine forests of Lango. Keep your camera handy.

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