Luxury Vacations & Honeymoons in Brazil

Why should you travel to Brazil with us?

A rainbow of cities, blackwater rivers and jungle, beautiful Brazil awaits your arrival.

A sprawling country thick with the canopy of the Amazon Rainforest and lapped by the rolling waves of the Atlantic Ocean, our tailormade trips to Brazil commands attention and beckons exploration. From the thundering falls of Iguaçu to the hilltop district of Santa Theresa, unfurl a map and join us on a journey full of passion and soul. Journey deep into the heart of the Rio Negro, to the top of Ibitipoca, through the Lençóis Maranhenses, before coming to rest amid the sleepy charm of Trancoso.

What to see and do in Brazil

As ever, if you can’t see it here then we can still plan it for you.


The largest and most environmentally diverse country in South America, Brazil is commonly defined by its intoxicating culture, dazzling beaches, and world-renowned UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Iguacu National Park and Sugarloaf Mountain. A tailormade trip to Brazil blends the natural world with complex cities, days near the ocean and nights in the jungle. Awe-inspiring and vibrant, this expressive country is best discovered with detailed and personalized itineraries that take guests to famous highlights and lesser-known treasures.


Undeniably one of the most iconic spots in Brazil, climbing Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio De Janiero is a must. You can hike to the top, but our favourite transportation method is via cable car. In your glass bubble you’ll make the ascent from Praia Vermelha to Morro da Urca and then on to Sugar Loaf Mountain at 396metres high, looking out over breathtaking panoramic views. As Rio gets smaller and smaller in the distance, your guide will walk you through just how Rio came to be Brazil’s first capital.


It doesn’t take much to sell the beaches of Brazil, which include the likes of Ipanema in the cosmopolitan city of Rio de Janeiro and miles of white sand found south of the capital in Florianopolis. Whether you show up and show off in the city or retreat to calmer waters, a few things stay the same – the beaches are five-star, the seafood is fresh from the Atlantic, and the hotels are second to none.

The best of Brazil

Rio de Janeiro

The beating heart of Brazil. 

A stylish and flirtatious city, where verdant green hills tower over some of South America’s most famous beaches, and the social scene buzzes with energy and personality. Luxury in Rio takes the shape of seductive beach clubs, private dance classes, and penthouse suites – all of which add to the city’s attraction and allure. We’ll take you up Sugarloaf Mountain in a glass bubble and through the labyrinth of street food markets to source the perfect pastel. So much more than Christ the Redeemer, allow us to show you Rio De Janeiro the Black Tomato way. 

Amazon Rainforest

A fairytale land of pink dolphins and ritual dances.

Wild and spectacular, Brazil is home to over 60% of the famed Amazon Rainforest. This diverse ecosystem is home to a countless amount of exotic flora and fauna but only a handful of luxury lodges, meaning a trip to the Amazon will be shrouded in exclusivity and mystique. With our best expert guides in tow, embark on jungle hikes, meet with riverside tribes, and learn from the locals what it takes to survive in this remarkable environment. 


Brazil’s best hidden beach retreat. 

Shut off from the real world and sat on the southern Bahian coast between Rio and Salvador, it’ll soon become clear as to why celebrities flock to Trancoso for some peace and quiet. And tucked away in this beautiful beach town is one of our favorite hotels in Brazil: UXUA Casa Hotel. Designed by Dutch fashion designer Wilbert Das; it’s a place to unwind in style, enjoy yoga on the golden shores and cool off in concealed plunge pools. The perfect end to a Brazilian adventure.

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